Why help?

Teachers and school leaders attend conferences, seminars, and training for professional development throughout the school year and over the summer. The school has a small budget for these conferences, but the expenses are often out-of-pocket for our teachers and staff. What better way to help them than to contribute towards their development?

How often will the program run?

Although you can make a donation at any time (during the school year), we will be asking for donations three times throughout the school year at times when you may already be looking for ways to gift for your student's teachers:

  1. Holidays

  2. Teacher Appreciation
  3. End of the school year


Request a Grant 

How does it all work?

  1. Teacher and staff members submit their training needs to Mrs. Murray, during the school year.
  2. Mrs. Murray approves the request.
  3. The request is on is placed on website and promoted.
  4. Parents donate to selected programs in $10 increments from the website.
  5. Goals are met; teachers/staff attend training.
  6. Teachers/staff post to the website (and email parents) about the event.
  7. Teachers/staff transfer knowledge from the conference to their peer.


We are truly a learning community at Baldwin so take this opportunity to show appreciation to those staff members who have taken the time to ask for your support. (Don’t forget your special areas teachers and support staff!) Please contact our Grants for Growth Coordinator with any questions.


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