Baldwin PTA welcomes students of all grades and abilities to explore their inner artist with the Reflections Program.  This year, due to COVID-19, all entries will be accepted digitally.


Reflections is an annual National PTA program that encourages students of all ages and abilities to develop their creativity and learn about the arts. Students have the opportunity to create and submit their own artistic creations in the medium of their choice-dance choreography, film production, literature, music composition, photography, and visual arts. Each year, students reflect upon a specific theme. There is also a special artist division option for students with disabilities to ensure that every student has an opportunity to participate. Each year, students are recognized for their creativity and interpretation of the theme in a way that is meaningful and personal.


Let your imagination fly and unleash your inner artistic talent!  Choreograph a dance, produce a film, write a poem or story, compose a song, take a photo or create a piece of visual art and tell us what the theme: "I Matter Because" means to you.



Submissions are Due: November 18, 2020


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