Watch D.O.G.S. FAQS

What are the steps to becoming a Watch DOG?

Fill out a registration form, order a Watch DOGS uniform t-shirt, complete a background check and attend a brief training session with Principal Murray (dates TBA). Once you do that, you are free to get on the calendar.


What is the background check requirement?
All Baldwin volunteers must receive background checks (if you have not already done so this school year). It is free and takes 5 minutes to request. You will be sent a confirmation email by Austin Partners in Education (APIE). Submit background check request.


How can I order an official Watch DOGS uniform T-Shirt?

If you did not order one at the launch party, then you will need to visit the DOGSTORE and order directly from this site. If your child wants to wear a t-shirt on the day you are a Watch DOG, the "My Hero is a Watch DOG" youth shirts can be purchased HERE.


How do I sign up for a volunteer Day?

You may attend the official Watch DOGS launch pizza party event (early fall) and sign up. Thereafter, the master calendar is outside the principal’s office. Fill out a sticker and place the bottom portion it on an available day. Keep the top portion as a reminder of your volunteer day. You will not be sent a reminder so put it in your phone calendar so you don’t forget. Please do not call the front office and ask for someone to sign you up for Watch DOGS. You or your spouse must fill out the calendar sticker and place it on the master calendar in the front office.


What if I can't make my volunteer day?

Please call the front office at 512-841-8900 as soon as you know you can’t make your volunteer day and you will be removed from the master calendar. You will need to come in or send your spouse to select another available day.


Where and at what time do I report to the school?

Report to the front office at 7:15 and inform them that you are the Watch DOG volunteer.


What are the requirements of WATCH DOGS?

Watch DOGS are required to volunteer at least one day per school year, wear the official Watch DOGS t-shirt (it must be visible), and follow the rules given to you by the school representative (Principal Murray) during your orientation on the morning you arrive. Read over these guidelines on how to support education and safety at Baldwin.


will I be with my child all day?

You will be scheduled with your child for most of the day. One to two hours will be set aside for special projects determined by the principal. Watch DOGS with two children can have a split day or volunteer two days, one for each child.


What if I don't know where to go during my volunteer day?

If at any time you don’t know where you should be report back to the front office and you will be redirected to the right spot.


Do I have to be a PTA Member

Baldwin PTA funds and supports the Watch DOGS program, so we ask that all Watch DOGS please join Baldwin PTA each year.  Dues can be paid online.  Thank you for your commitment and willingness to participate and make a difference in our children's education.


Questions?  Contact David Mass, Watch DOGS Coordinator


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