Below you will find links to our teachers' and staff's birthdays, wish lists, and their favorite things. Thank you for supporting our teachers and staff!



Ellen Greenwood April 28 Wish List Favorite Things

Gretchen Magaña

January 20 Wish List Favorite Things

Natalie Millette

October 16 Wish List  Favorite Things

Thi Phan (Pre-K TA)

March 4   Favorite Things 
Allison Fischer (Pre-K TA) September 2   Favorite Things 
Thania Vergara (Pre-K TA) September 23    


Miranda Hale

January 31    

Ivonne Moreno

November 8    

Katy Vanderford

July 8    


 Megan Fulmer

July 19

Wish List 

Favorite Things 

Erin Hash

April 24 Wish List Favorite Things

Briana Vela

April 30 Wish List Favorite Things 

Taylor Walton

September 25 Wish List Favorite Things

First Grade

Alyssa Beck

March 14   Favorite Things

Ashley Elkins

November 29 Wish List Favorite Things

Kelsey Gutierrez

May 4

Wish List Favorite Things

Barbara Dickie

May 7 Wish List Favorite Things 

Maddy Memmer

April 14

 Wish List Favorite Things 

Second Grade

Kristen Fanelli

March 31 Wish List Favorite Things

Julia Hopkins

February 8

Wish List

TPT Fund

Favorite Things

Hannah Lee

December 18 Wish List Favorite Things

Caroleena Ramirez

March 28

Wish List

TPT Fund

Favorite Things

Lauren Ledesma

January 2  Wish List Favorite Things 

Third Grade

Layne Heidenreich

December 8

Wish List

TPT Fund

Favorite Things

Shaun Reid

January 1 Wish List Favorite Things

Korteney Luthman

November 10 Wish List  Favorite Things 

Kelley Henderson

January 20   Favorite Things

Mireya Perkins

May 16   Favorite Things 

Fourth Grade

Emily Forrest

January 23

  Favorite Things 

Samantha Hull

May 5th

TPT Fund

Favorite Things

Katie Kelley

October 31


Jennifer Maldonado

August 4

Wish List

TPT Fund

Favorite Things

Amy Spencer

 December 28


Favorite Things

Fifth Grade

Kelley Hively

November 3 Wish List Favorite Things

Lauren Linahan

February 22

Wish List

TPT Fund

Favorite Things

Melissa Marsh

September 9

Wish List

TPT Fund

Favorite Things

Kylie Schantz

January 26 Wish List Favorite Things

Special Areas

Elizabeth Donovan, Art

June 7     

Lama Ghazel, PE TA

September 3 



Gabriella Moore, Music

December 26    

Evans Martin, PE TA

November 17    

Eric Perkins, PE

August 7    

Crystal Rabe, Art

December 8 Wish List Favorite Things

Julie Spelman, PE

March 12  Wish List Favorite Things

Mary Sterneman

April 12    


Stephanie Durbin, Library Clerk

January 22   Favorite Things

Special Education and SUPPORT

Julie Kiehl, Speech Therapist

June 10


Karen Moreno, SCORES TA

September 25    

Katie Mobley, SCORES

June 30    

Gracie Pena, Resource

October 10    

Hanna Wingate, SCORES

March 21

Wish List

TPT Fund

Favorite Things

Kayla Willey-Dominguez, SCORES

July 29   Favorite Things

Lindsey Hammond, SPED Resource

January 4

Wish List

TPT Fund


Laura Schlichting, SPED TA

December 25   Favorite Things

Eileen Brady, Reading Spec.

January 31    

Judy Collins, Diagnostician

December 14    
Yolanda Nunez, Intervention May 16    

Erin Vasquez, Reading Spec.

September 23    


Heather Chapman June 7    
Deborah Alexander May 7   Favorite Things



Jennifer Murray, Principal September 30  Favorite Things
Alex Hasset, Asst. Principal May 8   
Amber Reue, Asst. Principal February 1  

Office Staff

Alma Arriaga, Bookkeeper December 15 Favorite Things
Alicia Cruz, Registrar November 9 Favorite Things
Angie Vega, Attendance Specialist March 4 Favorite Things



Erenia Chavez June 6  Favorite Things
Isabel Rios

February 6 

Favorite Things
Florentina Solis October 16  


Suchya (Bea) Tabor November 6 Favorite Things
Maria Garcia August 17   


Trisha Krogstad November 11  Favorite Things
Cheryl Villarreal, Clinical Assistant June 11  Favorite Things


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